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Love for animals, was always present in our lives, and when we came in contact with the miniature horse, we were quickly hooked and we became addicted to this amazing animals in a small package. Occasionally we show our horses and try to breed some foals every year like the breed standard of the studbook . We do this with the utmost care for mare and foal and all of our horses. In the meanwhile we are switched to breeding American miniature horses and our herd consists of proven and known bloodlines where we can be rightly proud of.



Our goal is to create a miniature horse, that looks like a big horse, in a miniature format, but with equal beauty, elegance and proud appearance. Preferably with a unique color and ofcourse very good movement. All our American miniature horses have a European pasport and AMHA certificate and are DNA tested. On this site we hope you too will become more informed about these unique animals and share our passion for the miniature horse. Who knows, maybe you will get the same taste like us for this horses and will be infected with the famous miniature horse virus! You are hereby warned, read at your own risk.
Have fun!


We are member of the following studbooks and clubs, AMHA, ICAMH, BMP, MHCE and NMPRS.

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